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Worlds Colliding: Stern and Fergusen

Oh, how nice.  I was catching up on some Stern shows from earlier this week when one of my favorites, Craig Fergusen, showed up in my favorite place on the Stern Show .   Lots of laughs and some crazy stories.  Like the time Craig forgot that he shot a pilot with Zach Braff and Gwyneth Paltrow. And we even heard about the origins of Craig doing the whole ripping up of the blue cards thing. Here's the first time that he did it with Alec Baldwin:

History of Lovers

I heard the song 'History of Lovers' by Calexico and Iron and Wine on either Left of Center or Disorder and immediately dug it. I'm really into Iron and Wine and I have some Calexico, so I figured I'd give it a listen. (on Sirius, you see the name of the artist(s) and the song title when the song is playing). About half way through it, I 'tagged' it in my radio. On Sirius, you get a selected number of 'tags' whereby when ever that song pops up anywhere on the Sirius network, the radio alerts you and you can go have a listen. It's a terrific feature that I've chocked full of Wilco, Sufjan Stevens, The Staples Singers, and a few others. This allows you to not miss any of your 'favorite' songs. After a few times of hearing it in the car, I grabbed 'History of Lovers' in the itunes music store. I've been listening to the entire collaboration ever since. "History" really sticks out for me, so I dug a bit more. I fo