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Seven All Gold Hakonechloa Macra Grasses - Back for Spring - April 2024

As of last September, our little cluster of All Gold Japanese Forest Grasses in our backyard consisted of eight grasses that were planted in one of the curved beds sort-of by the tree swing tree.  Here's how they looked last year - six in front, two in the back row .  These grasses are some of the STARS of our garden, but they're slow-growing and (for me) not thrivers.  They're not in decline, but they're NOT the massive clumps that I see in other folks gardens online.  They also are, unfortunately, now located in the shadow of the soon-to-be-built pizza oven.  Two of them are tucked 'behind' the foundation that will require moving.  For now, I moved *just one* of them because it was in the direct line of construction foot-traffic.  I tucked it further back into the backyard - on the other side - near where I planted two divided ones from IB2DWs .  That cluster is now (I hope) three grasses and (I also hope) a couple of Autumn Ferns that went in last Fall.  Thos

Parkway Tulips Spring Show - April 2024

The pink tulip bulbs that are planted down close to the sidewalk IB2DWs are up and showing out this week with blooms that are opening up.  This area was grass until September of 2021, when I declared this a 'hard-to-grow' spot that wasn't supporting turf.  Between the poor soil conditions (clay + gravel from the driveway and sidewalk installation) plus the heat that radiates from those during the Summer made this an inhospitable spot that held Kentucky Bluegrass turf that ALWAYS went dormant during the heat of the Summer.  Look back here for a photo of this section when it was grass .  In the Fall of 2021, I planted a number of tulip bulbs down by the sidewalk and they had their first Spring in 2022 .  That makes this (2024), their third year of blooms. That same Fall (2021), I added an ornamental grass - Panicum Shaenandoah Red Switchgrass in that same bed that has come back each season.  Last Fall, I planted a pair of variegated sedums - Sedum Kamtschaticum Variegatum

Parkway Tulip Tips Shoot Up - February 2024

We've had a VERY mild Winter.  There was a span of about three weeks when it was brutally cold and it seemed like it snowed  But, was mild.  And that's likely turned a number of gardening variables on their ears.  Emergence.  Bloom time.  Exposure to late Frosts.  And, more, I'm sure. One of the 'mild Winter' related change that I saw VERY early in January was that the tulip bulbs that I had planted around the parkway tree had ALREADY come up, out of the mulch.  By January 5th.   J A N U A R Y. That seems VERY early.  It was BEFORE that three-week spell of 'brutally cold' weather that I mentioned above.  But, tulips being tulips, the foliage didn't mind the weather.  (or...the snow blanket was sufficient insulation.) I'm *very* aware of mulch volcanoes around trees and worry that every year - when we add another layer of mulch - that I'm burying things and creating problems.  Everyone says that you're supposed t