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Vibrant Suburban Sunrise - November 2022

In a remarkable coincidence (at least to me, dear reader...), I'm posting a front porch sunrise one day shy of one year from the date that I posted a very similar photo here on the blog .  This is from November 29, 2021 .  What was the sunrise like a few days ago from our house?  See below for what is a vivid sunrise in the suburbs in November: What a way to start a day.   I have a whole archive of posts over the years that are tagged with [colorful sunrise] .  

Early Morning Suburban Sunrise - November 2021

Below is a recent sunrise as viewed off of our front porch in Downers Grove, Illinois.  What we, in our house, call a 'Cotton Candy Sky'.  I used to observe the sunrise during Winter from the 64th floor of our office in the Aon Center, but I haven't been there for more than 18 months.  And, based on some news, it appears that I've taken in my last early-morning Winter sunrise from the Aon Center in my life.  Time marches on.  And, so do office locations.  I'm adding this to the [ view from my office ] collection since I haven't had an office to go to due to COVID since March 2020. I've taken a similar front-porch-sunrise shot back in 2018, but it was Springtime .  

View From My Recent ORD Takeoff - November 2021

Back in the before-times, I used to do these posts (on occasion) that I titled:  view from my office.  They were (usually) early mornings from our office on the 64th Floor of the Aon Center.  The most recent one from our office was all the way back in December of 2018 - almost three years ago.  I also used to (in the before-times) post interesting shots from my flights including this rainbow one from 2019 .  I haven't been to the office much in the past two years NOR have I been on airplanes much.  But, on a recent trip out of O'Hare one early morning, I noticed the skyline was looking particularly nice.  Here's a sunrise (no-filter) photo from my window seat looking east. Our office is moving out of the Aon Center near the end of the year and it doesn't appear that I'll be down in the office before closing things out, so it appears that the days of seeing those beautiful sunrises from the 64th floor are likely over.  It was a good run.  Eight years there, six of

Sunrise on Lake Elizabeth from Sunset Park - Summer 2020

That photo was taken in the area of what is known as Sunset Beach Park on Elizabeth Lake in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin.  I was out for an early-morning walk and the sky was painted purple and pink.  The Park is located on the West side of Elizabeth Lake ( I call it:  Elizabeth Lake) and has great views of the....ummmm....sunrise.  The location of the park is mentioned in this article about new playground equipment :  Sunset Beach Park is located on the Lake Elizabeth shore, at Sunset Drive east of Lakeshore Way. Here's an overhead look of the park (the red spot is the playground equipment) from Google Maps: It is located at the end of Sunset Drive.  You might be able to tell from that small photo of Google Maps that the lake is, ummm, EAST of Sunset Drive.  And to the EAST of Sunset Beach.  Here's a zoomed out view that shows you the orientation.  Note the red arrow point up for North.  The yellow circle is the position of the sun as it rises in the mornings.

Weekend Morning Sunrise - Out our Front Window

I normally leave for work well before the sun rises most mornings.  But, one recent weekend morning, I was coming down the stairs and saw this (no filter) sunrise.  The photo doesn't really even do it justice.  This isn't as nice of a scene to wake up to as the many colorful sunrises over Lake Elizabeth in Twin Lakes, but I paused and took it in for a half a minute or so.  Red sky in morning....sailor's warning, right?