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Broken Peloton Shoe Buckle And Finding A Replacement

One recent morning, I was getting my shoes on to try to sweat it out a little bit before work and as I tightened up my left shoe, I heard something snap and a little bit of plastic went flying.  I had snapped off the ratcheting buckle on my shoe.  In the photo at the top of this post, you'll see the now-naked Peloton shoe with the broken little ratchet piece.   Below, you'll see the piece.  This is what came off of the shoe.  Turns out, it is all plastic.   Below you'll see the piece in profile.  The circular part in the middle is what snapped off - the plastic part wraps around a metal cylinder. The good news is that how they make these spin bike shoes these days, they're totally replaceable.  In that top photo, you'll notice a screw and if you loosen it up, the buckle just comes off. **2022 update** - Thanks to a pointer from a commenter, here's an updated link to full replacement kits .   So, off I went to figure out where I could get

Equation Boy/Man Rocks the 2011 Chicago Triathlon

Equation Boy/Man finished the 2011 Chicago Triathlon with a personal record best time today.    Last year he ran the Sprint Distance, but this year he kicked it up with the International Distance which included: 1.5K swim (just under a mile) 40K bike (just under 25 miles) 10K run (6.2 miles) Really very impressive stuff all around.   He said he was struggling on the end of his run, but from the looks of his time, he did just fine.  Killed it in his age group and overall.  I shamelessly cribbed this photo from my sister Vic's FB page, but I thought it was a great shot of him after the race with 2 of 3 of his kids. I couldn't imagine doing those stairs after the race! He's clearly caught the bug and after spending some time with him this afternoon, sounds like he's already plotting his training for the 2012 race.  He's really committed to getting the most out of his fitness routine and all his hard work has clearly paid off. Congrats, Marc!  We're a