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Front Porch Large Container Inspiration - Shade Containers - March 2024

I came across this TikTok where this professional gardener was talking about a shade container she was putting together and it caught my attention.  It features a long, rectangular container that is very similar to the one we have our on front porch .  I've tried that container a number of ways and have never been thrilled with it over the years.   Carmen Johnston Gardens shows a dead-simple approach: @carmenjohnstongardens Party ready for the SHADE ♬ original sound - Carmen Johnston Here's a screenshot from that very TikTok (in case it disappears and the embed stops working: Source Now...I won't do the blue hydrangeas.  But, the simplicity of a large fern in the middle, flanked by white begonias on either end and the white Caladiums in front seem like something we could do.  Add some sort of cascading item to replace the hydrangeas and we have a winner.    

Faux Bois Cache Pot - Christmas Haul - December 2023

Yesterday,  I posted a photo of my first faux bois piece; a plant stand . Today, I'm showing my second;  a Faux Bois cache pot: This one is decorative, too, as it doesn't have a drainage hole.  The pot that I have stuck inside this isn't the right fit as it is a bit too tall and shows far too much interior container.   Seems like I have two choices:  keep it as a cache pot, or take the plunge and try to drill a hole in the bottom.  I've watched a bunch of videos on YouTube about 'how to drill a hole in bottom of a pot' and I still lack the confidence to actually give it a try.  A tile/glass drill bit seems to do the trick along with some moxie and... a little help via the Rehbinder effect .  

Getting To Know Morton Arboretum Fragrance Garden Seasonal Beds - August 2023

I had to pick up one of the kids at the Morton Arboretum recently had had a little bit of time to get some steps in and decided to go see the Fragrance Garden up by the Thornhill Center on the West side of the Arboretum .  It is a spot where you can park pretty close and get to see some beds and containers on a quick little, easy walk.  A couple of years ago, I was in this same garden and posted some thoughts and photos here .  At that time, I was struck by the bedding plants and combinations they had in what felt like a very shady garden ( a lot like our own garden).    It was from that experience that I said (to myself) that I needed to think about using annuals beyond the container - as bedding plants - in the shade.  In fact....that was one of my 2023 to-do items and the push behind all of the annuals that I planted this year including some Lobelia, Begonias, Impatiens, Polka Dot Plants .  The beds at the Morton Arboretum have inspired me prior to that shade garden visit.