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Donald Duck Family Tree

Via Twitter - shared by @BillCorbett here . I took a screenshot of this Donald Duck Family Tree poster from Bill Corbett on Twitter - tweet embedded below.  I posted the full image above so you can see it here natively on the blog.  But know...that image is not mine.  It is *from* this tweet below.  I could study this like it was the Magna Carta and look at every detail for hours.  And I intend to, but...for now:  A few things that are awesome - besides the one Bill points out below: They've obscured Donald's Brother-in-Law, the father of Huey, Duey and Louie.  Who is their Dad?  We might never know .   The Duck family intermarried with coots.  I didn't know what a coot was ! I always thought family trees went downwards.  This one goes up.  But, maybe that makes sense in that the elders are the 'roots' of the family?   There's loads more things to notice and the commenters on Bill's Tweet do a good job . Someone posted this Donald Duck fami