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Cherry Nymph Amaryllis - Top Heavy But Flowering

It has been just about a month since the last time I posted photos of our 2019/2020 Winter Amaryllis flowers in bloom .  At that time, the largest bulb - the Cherry Nymph was going strong and was putting on a pretty great (red) show.  The rest of the bulbs were mostly exhausted.  Fast forward to this week and you can see that the Cherry Nymph is STILL going strong - with a set of double blooms.  This late into February.  Pretty great. You might also note that there's a stick that I stuck into the soil and then used some wire to affix the stem to the stick and keep the bulb from falling over - and the entire pot from flipping over, too. I didn't use the alcohol mixture on this one and it shows:  it is long, tall and leggy.  And the blooms being SO BIG means that the thin stalk stems can't support the flowers.  Lesson learned:  focus on the alcohol mix all the way through the growing season. Below you'll see another look at these flowers.  I've come to the co