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2016 Silver Beach Carousel Tokens

 At the top of the photo are the front and back of the 2015 edition of the Silver Beach Carousel tokens that feature the lighthouse in St. Joe's.  And...on the bottom are this year's tokens featuring "Marcie" the lead horse on the carousel. We were up there recently and took the kids on a few spins of the horses as we waited - as you do - for our table at Silver Beach Pizza.  The pizza is really good.  But two hours of waiting good?  I'm not so sure any more.  Thinking we might end up moving to takeout? Adding this to the /coins tag page here on the blog .

Museum of Atomic Energy Neutron Irradiated Dime

I picked up this "Neutron Irradiated Dime" from the Museum of Atomic Energy at an Estate Sale here in Elmhurst earlier this Spring.  My dad collected some coins over the years - and gave away proof sets for special occasions.  I found this story about these irradiated dimes and there were more than million of them, so they're not terribly rare. But, that doesn't matter much to me.  I liked the looks of it and it just screams 'atomic age' from the looks of it, doesn't it?  I've stuck it into my stashbox for now and figure that's a fine place to keep it for the next few decades. Turns out, this is from Oak Ridge, Tennessee.   At least, I *think* it is, even though the name of the museum is different on the coin I have.   More about the place : The American Museum of Science & Energy is today’s No. 1 Oak Ridge, TN tourist destination. But from 1941 to 1949 Oak Ridge was a town that did not exist. It was one of the top secret facilities