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FeedBurner Drops New Stats: More Full Picture of Content Distribution

Today, we took the wraps off of   stats for the Headline Animator   at FeedBurner. Very cool. There's more to be rolled out when it comes to the Animator, but I'll leave that to the official folks at FeedBurner. In the mean time, I'll be watching my stats on the little animated image that's below from our   Wedding Blog . Great work, guys.

My Lenten Offering: Desserts

Yesterday kicked off the Lenten Season for some of us, and in that spirit (and the spirit of trying to drop a few el-bees), I've decided to swear of "desserts" for the full 40 days. That means no cookies, cakes, etc for a while. Natalie thinks I'm doing it for the wrong reasons. I don't think there ever is a "wrong" reason. So...if you're with me, make sure I stick to this.

FeedBurner Begins to Measure Audience Engagement

The notion of what's happening in the feed "marketplace" is interesting to lots of folks. The headlines this past week have all been about Google Reader   dominating   and other readers/aggregators receding. A while back it was that Bloglines was King of the Hill. Whatever grabs headlines on   TechMeme   is what a lot of bloggers will write about.   Today, FeedBurner   put out a piece that sizes up the Feed Market   and begins to introduce a new concept: Engagement. At the end of the day, subscriber numbers aren't that interesting to a publisher. They want, nay, NEED to know what's actually happening with their content and a way to measure their audience engagment whereever it is happening.   It's an exciting time at FeedBurner as things are getting rolled out fast, but we'll continue to come back to the concept of "engagement", as we think that's the most important metric not only to publishers, but also to advertisers.

Hi Mom! (And other Sun-Times Readers!)

On page 6 of today's Chicago Sun-Times, they used a quote from   this post about Chief Illiniwek . Pretty cool, but I'll wait until tomorrow to see if the stats make a jump.   I've watched a bunch of the videos and I'm still really saddened. Nat and I listened to it on the radio, but it's not the same as seeing it. My sister Vic sent me   the "official" footage from last night . It's good. I like these 2 videos better because you can hear the crowd going bananas. Look at all those flash bulbs.