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More Chicago Cured Tavern Pizza In Home Oven Progress - January 2024

The last time I did a check-in on my Chicago tavern pizza progress using a dough curing process that John from Crust Fund released out into the pizza-normie world was back in March of 2023 when I shared a photo showing the undercarriage microblisters .  I moved away from this style during the warmer months, but with the cold here, I've gone back inside our home oven. Below are a couple of shots from recent bakes.  I've been getting better with keeping the skins round and I've adopted the application of blobs of fresh mozz on a plain cheese pizza (mostly for the looks).  Pre-heated our Baking Steel at full-blast in our oven (somewhere close to 550 degrees) and these baked at between 8 and 10 minutes.   Bottoms were perfect.  And tops were dressed appropriately - something I don't do very often.  (I typically go overboard on cheese.)