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Both Merlin Hellebores Died - August 2023

This Spring, I planted a pair of new (to me) Merlin Hellebores that I bought from the Morton Arboretum plant sale and stuck them in the bed near the rest of the Lenten Roses/Hellebores.  They didn't take to transplanting very well and I've now lost both of them.  See below for the photo showing the remaining four: There's always 'next year' and that's how I feel about Hellebores and the Morton Arobretum plant sale.  Will I go to the sale?  Yes.  Will I buy Hellebores?  Yes.  

Summer Growth on Emperor 1 Japanese Maple - August 2023

Earlier this Summer, I bought a small, grafted Emperor 1 Japanese Maple from the orange big box store (for $35) and planted it in the border of the kitchen curved bed in our backyard.  I had a previous Emperor 1 and figured that the price was right on this one, so I added it.  That lead to a (pardon the pun) Waterfall of Japanese Maples being planted this season.  The most recent was the high-grafted Inaba Shadire; the sixth JM of the season .   The small Emperor 1 appears to be doing just fine in the spot where it gets a mix of shade and some early-day sun.  It is out of the sun during the heat of the afternoon, but gets a little bit of early and late morning sun.   Here, below is what it looks like currently - it has a split set of leaders that I'm leaving as they are (for now): The reason for this post is not to document the current form ( is *mostly* the exact same shape/form/height) that it was when I put it in), but rather tho share a peek at some new growth.  Below,