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Ten Years of Blogging

Today marks ten years since I put up my first 'blog' post.  At the time, it was on a different domain, for a different purpose, but you can see the archives from February of 2004 here on as I pulled them here .

Microwave Bag For Potatoes?

Seems crazy to me to buy a $10 bag to stick your potatoes in so you can microwave them.  Wouldn't a paper towel wrapped around it do the same thing? While I was waiting to pick up a photo at Walgreens, I looked at all these "As Seen on TV" items.  The burger stuffer seems promising?!?

So Long, Polay's Elmhurst - Moving From 1st and York

Saw a sign on Polay's in the Elmhurst City Centre this morning saying that they're moving up the block from 100 N. York to 378 N. York.  Which... looks like Google Maps is saying is North of North Ave .  Close to the Burger King up there.  Bad news for the City Centre - as another vacancy comes up - but potentially great news as this signature corner, which is just north of the tracks as you enter our Downtown can be reborn as something that has more foot traffic than the interior decorator.

Super Bowl Champion Broncos Jacket?

Kind of hard to see, but in the middle of that photo is a guy wearing a jacket that says "Super Bowl Champions" on it.  Big Broncos logo. Do they distribute the loosing gear to people already?  Is this guy down on his luck and got the jacket for free?  So many questions after a loss like that.

Breakfast with The Bird

Pancakes?  Eggs?  Playground?  Done. Done. And Done.