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Spotted: 1978 Dodge Ram Maxivan Extended

In two-tone brown.  Saw this as we were heading south on I-355 recently and I absolutely INSISTED that Nat use my phone to snap a pic of this beauty.  Paint it two-tone blue (powder blue on top, navy on the bottom) and this IS the Dream Machine.  As named by my childhood friend Steve Blocker. Just look at the length of this thing.  Can you imagine driving this?  It almost seems more appropriate to a church group than a normal family, doesn't it? The Dream Machine was my Dad's van that was a fixture of my childhood.  So many memories in that van.  Lots of laughs.  Some embarrassment.  And a bunch of bonding.  All in a van.  Ours was a 1978, so if this one is of the same vintage, that'd make this a 42 year old van.  That is still on the road.  Incredible.

Gasp! The Stow-n-Gow Family Might Be Arriving In Elmhurst?

Who would have thought that we might end up with a van?!? We went looking at vans over the weekend and we've narrowed it down to between the Sienna and the Odyssey.  I'm leaning towards the Swagger Wagon.  We'll see if we can make a deal!