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Manspreading on American Airlines

Listen...I'm not a little guy.  And I know that the airlines don't make it great for any of us flying these days.  But, on a recent trip, I had a dude doing what I think the kids these days are calling " Manspreading " on me that I had to snap a photo.  You can see above that my legs are the darker denim.  And I'm in the aisle seat.  The dude next to me - in the lighter color jeans - has his leg spread so far part that you can see how he has it past not just what I'll call the 'dividing line' of the armrest in front of us, but he's encroaching on my seat-back pocket. This is too far for someone - even in the middle seat - to go, right?  I mean...I ceded the armrest to the dude.  That's the responsible thing to do for someone in the middle, right?  But this?  I don't abide.