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Disneyland Rose - In New Orleans Square in Disneyland Park - August 2023

Over where Frontierland blends with New Orleans Square in Disneyland Park, you'll find a series of rectangular raised beds that are surrounded by low, wrought-iron fencing.  Inside those beds (at least...during the Summer) are the one-and-only Disneyland Rose.  They have a somewhat formal planting with a low boxwood hedge around the perimiter with the taller Disneyland Roses in the middle.  See below for some photos showing the park's namesake Floribunda roses: I have posted about 'in situ' Disneyland Roses before with a bed of them being planted out by the street here in 2019  along Harbor Boulevard.   The Disneyland Roses that we have at home aren't quite this tall, but with six now planted, I'm hoping that we'll get there...eventually.   I've covered other " Horticulture at Disney Parks " things here on the blog and these photos of the Disneyland Rose inside of Disneyland Park are now tagged there , too.