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Mid-Century Floor Lamp - Estate Sale Find/One That Got Away

A few weeks back, I stopped at an Estate Sale in south Elmhurst and came across a house that was basically frozen in the 60's and 70's.  They had a lot of interesting furnishings and built-ins, but nothing seemed like a fit for us until I wandered into an upstairs bedroom and saw this lamp.  It is a tall, floorstanding lamp that has a wood (teak, maybe?) base that is made up of three 'prongs' with a bronze/gold rod running up the middle.  The shade, as you can see, has a butterfly scene on it, but it is totally replaceable and appeared to be a standard-size shade that you could easily buy today.  I really liked the base and how the legs give that Mid-Century/Danish/rocket-age look to it.  I also love how the teak blows through the top of the shade. This was a deal, I think based on this one listing I found that shows a pair of companion table lamps that were listed for $625 for the pair.  They'd be a great grouping put together, right? Here's a screensho

One That Got Away - McCoy Pot

Over the weekend, I stopped at a few Estate Sales in Elmhurst and while I ended up picking up a few small items, there was one thing that I regret not buying:  this blue McCoy pot.  I snapped a few photos of it and texted them to my oldest sister - who collects McCoy pots.  I set it down and moved on.  I ended up leaving the sale without hearing from her. About 30 minutes later, she texts me back and says she's in love and the price they're asking is 'a steal'.  So, back I go to the sale.  And guess what?  Someone else had snatched up this treasure.  Too bad. I had never come across this size and color of McCoy, so I knew that I should have grabbed it. Would have been a heckuva gift, right?  Oh, well.  As Joe Rhode says : It is enough to enjoy the existence of things without possessing all of them.  I'll post some pics of the items that I *did* end up buying later this week.

Retro Kitchen Table and Chairs - Estate Sale Find

I gawked at this kitchen table and chair set at an estate sale a few weeks back in Elmhurst.  Such a neat set, right?  Look at those chairs and the legs on them?  I think if you were a serious buyer and had a home for this, it was going to be yours for a great price.  The chairs needed to be refreshed, but the tabletop was just fine.  I thought about buying it for like 10 seconds and then realized that: 1.  we don't have a place to live that is our own right now. 2.  we don't need a set like this. 3.  I'm not the guy who makes home furnishing decisions in our house. So...say it with me folks: It is enough to enjoy the existence of things without possessing all of them.