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Like a Skunk at a Garden Party

Arriving back from Michigan after a few days yesterday, Nat put the Babe to bed while I gave the lawn a much-needed haircut.  Once the tasks were done, we settled in for a nice night under the pavilion reading/drinking/relaxing. Like everyone else in Chicagoland , we have a bit of a mosquito problem.   But...fortunately for us, I picked up the most romantic of romantic birthday presents for Nat:  the Off Clip-on.   Along with a candle and the mother-of-all cintronella candles - our fireplace - we settled in for a long night outside.  The temperature was perfect - the light is nice - and we have a nice loveseat out there to snuggle in to together. We were in bliss for 40 minutes. Then....scurrying like only they scurry, a small skunk came moseying right along our patio - no more than 5 feet from where we were sitting.  I freaked out.  I'm thinking the skunk freaked out, too!  I knocked over Nat's glass of wine on the table - breaking one of her favorite glasses.  I grabbed

July Update on

People are finding our little skunk site.  And...reporting their skunk sightings across Elmhurst!  I've updated the map over at ElmhurstStinks . View in a larger map As a reminder, I wrote this post about the genesis of the site b ack in March as a way to utilize a series of free Google tools to build a site.  Either July is skunk season or my "dollar-a-day" AdWords campaign is bringing the folks in as 4 people have submitted sightings in the past 3 days. Since we've put up the fence, I haven't had a single skunk encounter, but the summer isn't over yet!