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Merry Christmas - 2017

What a lucky guy I am today.  Waking up with my wife and pretty awesome kids to have a little coffee cake and watch the joy roll across their faces.  Clark - the 'ultimate family man' - has nothing on this guy! Hope you and yours has a great Christmas.  There's nothing better than late in the day on Christmas, when all the activities have run their course and there's just some time to sit and rest.  And think about how wonderful the world can be sometimes.  

Christmas Vacation LED Outdoor Lights For Your Holiday House

We were at Wannamakers in Downers Grove for their Christmas open house over the weekend and while the rest of the crew was waiting in line to see the Big Guy, I took the Bird and the King of the Ball Tossers into the store to wander around the Christmas lights department.  And that's where I came across these National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation LED light sets. If you look at the box, you'll see that they bill them as being 'twice as bright' and have bigger/brighter/more bulbs than normal strands of lights. Kind of interesting licensing at play here and I suppose it is a cute concept, but I wonder if anyone is actually buying these things?  They're more money than comparable sets and it seems like there's very little bragging rights in these once they're out of the box, right? As for the brightness, I think there's some upside there.  We've put big C9 LEDs on our annual Elmhurst Front Yard Christmas tree every year and I always notice