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Honeycomb Setup At Tokyo Marriott Breakfast

I stayed at the Tokyo Marriott on a recent trip for just one night, but this was the second time I stayed there.  However, this was the first time I had time for breakfast.  The previous trip, I had an early departure time and had to run out before breakfast.    At this Marriott - which has some terrific gardens that I'll post about another day here on the blog - is a converted hotel, so it wasn't built as a Marriott .  So, the layout isn't traditional, or at least traditional in my mind when it comes to a hotel layout.  The check-in desk is buried about half-way "back" in the hotel and is small and cramped with a low ceiling.  In "front" of that check-in desk area is a giant atrium.  In the center of the atrium is the restaurant where they serve breakfast.  It is free for certain Marriott  Rewards Bonvoy Members, so when I showed up, there were plenty of folks eating there.  The breakfast offerings are pretty robust and they have quite a few West

Turkey Burgers Are Back at Egg Harbor

You guys!  There is such good news for non-breakfast-food-eating crowd that shows up at Egg Harbor these days.  Turkey Burgers are back!     You're probably muttering..."welp...I didn't even know they were gone?"   And that's normal.  Because you eat eggs and pancakes and other breakfast what-have-yous like a normal person.  But me?  Not so much.  More than a year ago, Egg Harbor took the turkey burger off their menu.  I was left with....oatmeal.   Which is fine.  But it always felt like a plan b to me. But now?  I'm waltzing into Egg Harbor like this these days:

Walt Disney And The Enchanted Tiki Room Birds At Tangaroa Terrace

 One morning on a visit to Disneyland, we had breakfast with the kids at the Tangaroa Terrace at the Disneyland Hotel .  Besides the Mickey waffles, we were fortunate to be graced by this photo of Walt Disney himself with his animatronic talking and singing birds from the original Enchanted Tiki Room. I've already (gasp!) let my Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room-freak-flag fly by posting this print/art that we picked up on a trip to Walt Disney World last year.    I still maintain that it is my favorite experience in all of the parks.  Disneyland, and their 'inside the queue' Dole Whip line and cast members who kind of 'put on a show' at the beginning make it just about perfect. Those Disney nuts know that the Tiki Room was originally envisioned as a restaurant , so we *kind of* got the best of both worlds there at the Tangaroa Terrace.

Mickey Waffles and Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker

Well, well, well.  Look at what Nat whipped up for breakfast.  While they're not quite as fluffy/big as the ones we can get at Captain Cook's (and that's mostly because of shape of the waffle maker wouldn't allow for it), but they were quite good.  Feels like a small piece of the pixie dust be sprinkled at home and the kids sure loved 'em.