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Earning My "Great Wall" Badge from Fitbit

It was earlier this year that I posted about my "Africa" badge that marked the 5K mile mark from FitBit , but this week, this note landed in my inbox. Meaning, I've gone 500 miles in the past five months.  100 miles/month = average about 3 miles/day. All in?  5,500 miles through two devices over three-plus years.  Quantified Self FTW.

Earned My Africa Badge From Fitbit (5K miles)

5000 miles walked, run, shuffled and crawled.  Back in June, Fitbit gave me my UFO badge for the number of flights of stairs I've walked . This quantified self stuff is kinda interesting, isn't it?  (and fun, too!)

Earned My UFO Badge for 14K Floors

This email notification arrived in my inbox this morning.  14,000 flights of stairs over the course of my lifetime of wearing my fitbit.

My FitBit Year in Review: 2013

Just like last year, the fine folk over at  +Fitbit  mailed me my 'year end summary' of activity. This year, I traveled 1926 miles.  And that's with a pretty sad December.  My device was on the fritz for the most of part of the month and I was just waiting until Christmas to get a new one.  (Which...thanks to my mother-in-law, I did!) To compare to last year:  I went 576 more miles this year over last . Some of the stats make a lot of sense.  For instance, Tuesday being my most active day sounds right.  I play Cardio Tennis every Tuesday morning.  I get in 3-4 miles every Tuesday before 7 am. The fact that April was my most active month is interesting to me.  I started a new job in April.  I went from working from home a lot to commuting on the train and walking from Olgivie to Aon almost every day. June 23rd is a puzzle, though.  It is a Sunday.  I think it might have been the day that we had the Bird's 1st Birthday party?  I must have been hustlin' ar

75 Flights of Stairs (Equivalent)

That's (apparently) what happens when you go to the very top of Cortona .

My FitBit Year in Review - 2012

I started wearing my FitBit on April 27th, 2012.  Since then, FitBit tells me that I've traveled 1350 miles - or as they say "more than length of the Tigris River"! The fine folks at FitBit sent out this 2012 summary note yesterday and they included a few little data points that are interesting.  Some of them I understand like Tuesday is my most active day.  That makes sense because for all of 2012, I've been going to Cardio-Tennis on Tuesday mornings. The month of May was my most-active month and that kind of makes sense in that I had just started to track my activity, so I'm guessing I was motivated to get in those extra stair climbs or a few more steps each day.    Looking back at my calendar I can't quite figure out if there were any other dynamics at play that caused me to move a little bit more in the month.  Nothing jumps out. Also, the June 7th date - as my most active - puzzles me.  That was a few days before the Bird was born so maybe I was r