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Forbidden Fruit Hostas - White Centers in Summer - August 2023

Last Fall, I couldn't help but come home from Lowe's with these two white-centered hostas during their 50% off sale.  I mean...they are real standouts on the nursery bench and they basically sell themselves.   I planted them in October of 2022 amongst some other hostas - like Guacamole .   They're full of that crinkled hosta foliage this time of year.  And, the white centers really brighten up this part of the understory bed.   Below is what they look like after one growing season.  Are they ready to divide?  No.  Not yet.  Maybe next Fall they'll have put on enough size to warrant division.  For now, I'm just enjoying them and thinking about why anyone would want a plain-jane hosta when they can have something like this around?