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Blue Toad Auctions Up In Wisconsin

Recently, we were up in Wisconsin just puttering around town when I spotted a sign for 'Auction Today' coming out of the gas station.  I followed a few other signs back into this light industrial park and arrived at this place:  Blue Toad Auctions.  Nat and the kids were with me, so I just left the car running, begged for forgiveness and hopped in to check things out.  The auctions take place on Saturdays at 10 am with a 'preview' session starting at 9 am.  I got there about 10:15 and the auction was already running. The place has seating for more than 100 people and has items displayed up front and down the sides of the building.  The auctioneer was moving fast and getting people to bid on the various items.  The day I was there, the place seemed VERY heavy in sports memorabilia.  And very little antiques and what appeared to be almost no furniture.  Perhaps that's how it always is?  If so, this might not be for us. Nat and I have had luck at the Shipsh