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One More Night (Bob Dylan)

This is maybe my favorite version of Bob Dylan.  Maybe.  I don't mean the song, specifically. is really great.  It is 'One More Night' from Nashville Skyline which was released April 9, 1969 . It has only been played twice live.  Yeah...twice.  June of 1990 and September of 1995 . But, by saying *favorite* Bob Dylan, I'm talking about how the whole thing comes together.  The song, the voice (according to some...he stopped smoking (???) and you can hear it in his voice.  I mean...those people who say to you:  I hate Bob Dylan's voice.  That voice, etc.  Just have them play this video above and then see if they stand by their answer??!?), the sound and the flow of the entire record.  Just really great. I remember the first time I had ever heard of Nashville Skyline.  My friend Neil (son of Super Coach Jer, sometimes AKA Mitch) and I went to Threshold Records in Tinley Park.  And after nosing around some vinyl, Neil plucked Nashville Skyline out of t