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One for the Road...Here's To 2015

While I didn't get to 365 posts here on the blog for 2014 (this will be post #94 for the year), I did write almost 1000 posts on a different blog and 33 more posts on the family blog.  So...I did leave a mark online in plenty of places. I figured I'd flex those blogging muscles on this new year's eve so I can hit the ground running quickly tomorrow and try to get back on track for 365 posts for 2015.  The last time I did that was 2011 and 2010 when I wrote a post every day.  I got to 30 posts in January of last year but then with the primary election I quickly lost steam on this personal blog when my other writing (can we call it that?!?) picked up. We're going to be celebrating the way we celebrate every year with ice cream sundaes, but this time we'll have a fifth participant.  Well...he won't exactly be participating, but he'll be here.

The Annual Visit To The Polk-A-Dot Drive Inn in Braidwood, Illinois

There's nothing quite like washing the sap off your hands in the retro 50's-inspired washroom of the Polk-A-Dot Drive Inn (notice...the 2nd 'n') before hoss'ing down on a big platter of cheese fries to kick-off the Christmas season. Here's to family traditions!