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I went to Denver and Only Snapped This Coors Field Photo...

Continuing in the spirit of all of my Denver trips, here's the latest "I went to Denver..." post.  This time, it is this terrible shot of Coors Field from the backseat of our Lyft.  The first of these posts was this photo of a hotel brochure featuring the Rockies  back in 2015.  Then, I posted last year another photo that barely shows the mountains .    Now, Coors Field through a dirty windshield. 

Pint Brothers Alehouse Coaster - Added to Collection

Here comes #24 in the [ Coaster Collection ] here on the blog.  This one from Pint Brothers Alehouse, located inside the Marriott Denver Tech Center.  The last one I added was the Arlo Hotel in NYC and the full collection is here .   There's a trend here:  the most recent coasters are all from hotel stays.  This isn't a hotel exactly, but is a restaurant *inside* of a hotel.  Full coaster collection here .  And the first coaster ever posted - which wasn't part of a collection per se, is this Illini/Coors Light coaster that featured the 'new' Illini branding with the curved angles on the inside of the Block I.  For the record, the "collection" is just a digital artifact here on the blog.  I don't actually *have* the coasters.  I horde too much stuff to start to pick up coasters and bring them home. 

Denver, With The Mountains

Went to the same place.  Stayed at the same hotel.  Only this time, on a quick trip to Denver, I *did* get a shot of the mountains.  Two years ago, I posted this sad photo of the mountains from a Denver Marriott and I was determined to not repeat the feat.  I snapped this photo out the little window in my room.  Still not exactly the way one would want to see the local community right?  I mean, there isn't much more to Denver than what is in between the airport and the DTC , right?

I Went To Denver And This Is The Best Shot Of The Mountains That I Could Get

Was in and out of Denver Colorado (Or Denver Avocado as The Babe calls it!) in the flash of an eye recently.  I took just one photo while I was there and it was this brochure sitting on the check-in desk of the hotel. Not exactly the way you want to 'see' Denver, eh?  Maybe next time we'll have more time to take in the local...ahem...culture.

A Trip to Casa Bonita in Denver

Thanks to two of my brother-in-laws, we went to this place while we were in Denver.  Those of you who are South Park fans will get a little chuckle out of this.  Those of you who don't watch the show, this will be lost on you.