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Retro Lamp From 'Feud'

Nat and I were watching the show "Feud" and I gasped when I saw the lamp next to Joan's bed in this scene where she's 'resting'.  That lamp!  We have one of those!  My Dad bought two of them back in the early 1990's and they lived up in Coloma for as long as I can remember.  Now, the floor lamp is destined to be in my office of our #newoldfarmhouse in the next few days.

Dammit, Google Now! You Figured Me Out...

Nothing to be embarrassed about in my Google Now, is there??  Stinkin' Google Now figured me out as a bit of a Gilly.  What with Nat being all-in on the show and the Gilmore Guys podcast  (like...seriously...all-in), and me being a Melissa McCarthy fan (She does the Stern Show!), how could I not get sucked in?  You can't blame me, right?

Abed is the Star of Community

For the better part of the past year in our house, we've been having a discussion about how Abed Nadir, played by Danny Pudi, is the star of the show 'Community'.  In this week's Sci-Fi-themed New Yorker, author Emily Nussbaum agrees with me - as you can see above.  She points out how Abed has "drifted closer to the show's center, replacing its ostensible hero, the smart-ass Jeff..." I think we have the definitive answer now, don't we?  If we can't trust the New Yorker, who can we trust, eh Nat?

2 Headed Dogs? That'll Make the 'kids' Watch!

MTV2 apparently has a new logo . Not to sure what to think.... What on Earth is the two-headed dog?  It's the new logo for MTV2 and the creature behind MTV's viral-marketing campaign to create all-important buzz for MTV2's new look and programming. Yesterday, MTV plastered its headquarters in Times Square with the two-headed dog profile.  And for the past three weeks at New York's coolest concerts, rock-loving hipsters have been bombarded with T-shirts, hats and hoodies emblazoned with the silhouette of a two-headed dog. Hmmm....they're going to preview the 'new' MTV2 at halftime of the Superbowl on Sunday. (check out the's pretty crazy) I don't get MTV2, I don't think...but I did just get my tv all set up. My dad came over and assembled the stand and helped me lift the thing up onto it. Some rearranging of furniture happened too. I'll post some pics later tonight. Needless to record collection does not hav