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Ride a Fast Horse - Ted's Montana Grill Coaster #3

If you've followed along, you know that I adore Ted's Montana Grill .  But now, with this coaster featuring an anonymous quote, I've now enshrined Ted's with three coasters in the [ Coaster Collection ] here on the blog.  I picked this photo up on a recent visit to the Bolingbrook Ted's.  The first Ted's coaster was this one (the second ever in the collection) from March of 2015.  The second Ted's one was from December of 2015 featuring a John Wayne quote .  With three, Ted's comes in a strong second place - only behind Disney World - which has seven coasters in the collection. 

Ted's Montana Grill - My Favorite Chain (Right Now)

Can we talk for a minute about Ted's?  Ted's Montana Grill.   Have you been?  This place might be my favorite chain restaurant in the world.  We don't go there very often - in fact I bet I've only been to Ted's about 10 times total - but it has quickly risen to the top of the rankings for me.   Here's my love letter to Ted's: ### Dear Readers: If you haven't been to Ted's Montana Grill, give it a try in your local restaurant rotation.  Sure, when we're going out for burgers we go to the Country House far more than we go to Ted's.  But, when it comes to chain restaurants ( Ted's has close to 50 locations by my count , so it qualifies as a chain, right? Why do I love it?  Simple: 1.  Crushed ice 2.  Wikkistx 3.  The bathroom setup Let's start with the crushed ice you serve with your water, sodas and Arnold Palmers.  Crushed ice.  Such a nice touch.  Why don't more restaurants serve crushed ice?