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Four Fanal Astilbe Divisions - Back for First Spring - April 2024

Last Fall, I decided to dig-up, divide and transplant four Fanal Astilbes that had been in our garden since 2020 .  They had four growing seasons under their belt and based on what I was reading, as like most other perennials, Astilbes can be divided every three-or-so-years.  But, I also know that they're finicky.  Some gardeners talk about how they can't get them to grow.  I've had (*knock wood*) pretty good luck (so far).  And, it seems that luck has extended to (at least) this Spring.   Of the four that I divided and transplanted last Fall, all four parent plants (left on the southside) and the four new divisions (planted on the north side as part of the " Hosta Replacement Project ") are back this Spring.  How lovely.   Below is a photo showing the four planted in the understory bed - on the northside.  Their first Spring where they are showing off their young, purple foliage.    I'll plan on watering these in plenty this Summer as I know they're a lit

Four New Fanal Astilbes Via Division - November 2023

Astilbes.  They're awesome.  Hard to keep and grow - normally.  But, I've had some luck with Fanal Astilbes in my shade garden. They were the VERY FIRST plant I put in - according to plan.   I've moved them a few times, but for the most part....just left them alone.   With four growing seasons under their belt ( planted in 2020 , so 2020, '21, '22 and now '23), I thought I could take a shot at Fall Dividing some of them. I decided to pick the largest four Fanal Astilbes to dig up and divide.  Two on one end, two on the other.  Below are a few 'before' photos: I made room for the four new Astilbes on the other side of the yard - and removed some hostas.  Each of the four plants was dug up, split in two.  Half went to the new spot.   The other half went back in the original hole.  Below are a few 'after' photos showing the ones that have been cut-down in size: I ended up with four new Fanal Astilbes on the north border: Like I've done in the pa