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Sega Genesis Back At Target

*Rubs eyes* What?!  What is this??!? Well....that's a Sega Genesis on the bottom shelf at the Villa Park Target store. I immediately had flashbacks to playing NHLPA Hockey 93 - you know the one....where the Blackhawks were stacked with Roenick and Chelios and Larmer and Goulet and Steve Smith on offense and Vince Vaughn and the dudes in Swingers knock Gretzky out of the game . I spent countless hours playing that game.  We only had two tvs at the time and I usually found myself plugging the Sega Genesis into the tv in my parents bedroom and sitting on the floor where I honed my triple deke skills. the 80 games that are included, there's not one sports title.  So this didn't end up in our cart. Still....for $39.99 , it seems like a fun gift for any guy who was in junior high school in the early 1990's.