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Daylilies From Our Neighbor - 2018

We have a neighbor down the block that spends a lot of time and effort to tend to his yard and garden.  He's out there constantly and seems to really like to make his yard look the best it can.  On one of my walks with Lizzie, I chatted him up about the garden and we got started talking about how he was about to split up his Daylilies.  And he offered us a few of them.  Of course, I'd take them, I said.  What you see above are a few containers that we ended up with before I put them in one of the beds in the rear part of our yard.  I don't know that much about daylilies, but we had three of them in our old garden that I placed at the foot of our Ginko Tree in the backyard .  We don't have daylilies in our landscape plan, so I've been torn about where to put them.  Seems like a little bit of 'longer-term' hosting is best.  According to the donor, these seem to tolerate some shade, so I'm putting them in an area that we aren't planning on dealin