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This is my life now (coffee)

26 days in and haven't looked back.  At least in terms of the vehicle upon which the caffeine is delivered.  And I've actually started to borderline *like* the whole thing.  This is the machine that I've been using at the office and there's a nice little ice machine right next to it, so I don't have to deal with scalding hot brews.  Kids temp for this guy.  How very cosmopolitan, right? 

Coming Soon: Starbucks By the Lake Geneva Walmart

This seems like a relatively important development for our family:  a Starbucks is set to open in the outlot of the Lake Geneva Walmart.  Most mornings when we're up in Twin Lakes, I head out to either Bodi's bakeshop to pick up some donuts or to McDonald's for a couple of Big Breakfasts.  Then, I usually take a trip to the Walmart to pick up rations for the day.  Having a Starbucks there - and one with a drive thru - will be really nice and make a quick addition to the routine.  And, gives me another reason to make that 15 minute trip besides buying knock-off American Girl Dollie stuff for the girls along with the turkey and cheese stuff for Dallas' turkey and cheeses.

Premium Boss Black Coffee - Hot or Cold?

I posted about the beer I drank in Tokyo last week and I've covered a bunch of my trip to Tokyo Disney in various posts over the past few weeks, but this coffee experience seemed like it warranted it's own post.  Coffee? In a can?  That looks like a Mickey's bottle from my college days? Yeah. We were there in Japan on-site working on a client project in a few of their facilities; one of them an office building and the other a more of an assembly or manufacturing plant.  That's where I came across this Premium Boss Black Coffee in a hand-grenade can.  It came out of a vending machine (I forget how many yen it was), but what was cool was that there were two options:  hot or cold.  You got, what I think is the same exact can and same exact coffee, only one of the cans was piping hot and the other was ice cold.  Pretty neat.

Put A #FlatRonnie On My Door At Work

He joins the cast that includes a Dilbert or two and some other random web-weirdness.  This can't hurt my reputation around the office, right?  #FlatRonnie

Uncommon Coffee Roasters Cold Brew Coffee in Bottles

Nat picked up this bottle of Cold Brew Coffee from Uncommon Coffee Roasters when we were at Crane's Pie Pantry in Fennville, Michigan a week or so back.  Uncommon is based in Saugatuck and has a little store right in their downtown.   She said it was tasty, so we'll probably buy more when we come across it.  They don't ship, so we'll just have to find it around Southwest Michigan on our trips up there. Whenever we head up to Saugatuck (which isn't super often...we're more of a St. Joe's-kinda-family!), we always make a stop there so Nat can get her fix. On the Uncommon site, they're now selling not this bottled stuff, but grounds to brew your own .  They also have an 8 step process listed for brewing your own cold brew here on their site . Nat has been making her own cold brew for a while now at home, but she doesn't have any of the equipment that they're specifying.  Wonder if we need to upgrade?  I'm not one to take on more uni-t

Starbucks CD: Let's Go - That Rockabilly Rhythm

This morning I was at our local Starbucks picking Nat up a beverage when I spotted this record at the check-out counter. I really had to think hard to convince myself not to buy it.  I haven't bought a record in a long time, so this thing must have really spoken to me.  It is just a silly compilation they've titled " Let's Go ", but is packaged really cute and the point-of-purchase location was tempting.  I know some of you guys have bought this.  What do you think?  I really can't remember the last time I bought a record, so I'm not sure I can be convinced to go get it.