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Disneyland Roses Are Struggling - June 2024

Last year, we had three established Disneyland Roses and three bareroot plantings.  All three of the bareroot floribunda roses didn't come back this Spring.  And, the three established ones - while blooming very well this year - are showing signs of struggle with their foliage.  Last week, I gave them their second feeding of the season and used a 'combo' fert + systemic treatment granular that is billed to handle both insect/pests and fungus/diseases. Last year, I saw the foliage of these roses start to decline and while I'm PRETTY sure I had some sawfly larvae (lace-like foliage), I don't know if that was ALL that I was dealing with out there.  Fungus?  Other disease?  Perhaps. Last December, I posted about my Sawfly Larvae experience and that's how I was thinking of approaching this season :  combo fert+insect systemic and periodic spraying with Neem Oil on the leaves.  As I mentioned, I've applied two treatments of fert+ this year.  And...  I also spraye

Feeding Disneyland Roses + First Flush of Blooms - May 2024

This is the second granular feeding of the season for our Disneyland Roses that I've been trying to put down right around the first of the month - so this one is a day early.  See below for a few photos - showing the fertilizer application as well as the state of the three remaining rose bushes with blooms.  The one closest to the fence is having some trouble, so I've been spraying them every week with a Neem Oil brew to help kill whatever pests and/or fungus that is taking over. 

Spraying Neem Oil on Roses and Magnolia Tree - May 2024

Last growing season (2023), I started to use Neem Oil to treat some pests like Sawfly Larvae on my Disneyland Roses and Magnolia Scale on our Saucer Magnolia tree in the front yard.  I fell behind on the roses and saw the foliage turn into lace over the Summer.   That's when I started a dual-treatment approach with both Neem Oil sprayed on the leaves and stems and a systemic granular insect treatment.   This year, I'm going to try to stay ahead of things and despite not seeing any signs of Sawfly Larvae, I went ahead and sprayed the three original Disneyland Roses with Neem Oil.  The front yard Roses don't seem to have come back (sad), so I only sprayed the three on the side of the house.  I also sprayed the trunk and branches of the Saucer Magnolia.   Below is one of the Disneyland Roses after dousing the leaves in Neem Oil.  I have this hand-pump sprayer that I've (now) decided is my Neem Oil sprayer.  I'm going to mark it with a Sharpie, so I don't put any s

Confirmed: Sawfly Larvae on Disneyland Roses. Treatments and Planning - December 2023

Earlier this growing season, I discovered that most of our Disneyland Roses were having their foliage destroyed by someone or something.  The leaves were spotted and some of them were eaten-up and looked like lace.  Here's a post from June 2023 that shows one of those eaten-up leaves .   I applied a granular fertilizer all season - starting in early Spring - and I wasn't sure if the foliage damage was a result of the granules clinging to wet leaves, but it seemed far-fetched.   The foliage-eating continued all season, but by July, I decided to take some action and switched from just straight Rose Fertilizer to a 2-in-1 feed and care product from BioAdvance .  My hunch was that SOMETHING was eating the leaves and the 2-in-1 is a 'systemic' product. That means it isn't something that takes root immediately and eliminates the pests.  Rather, it feeds the roses and - via the roots - takes up the insecticide and carries it to all the plant material.  I've used a simi