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My #PurpleWall Photo - 2018

Look at me.  All over the #PurpleWall at the Magic Kingdom .  Just give me a pair of Rose Gold ears and I'd be a hit, right?  Also, note that this was taken *right before* t hey updated/changed the #purplewall in Tomorrowland to be a bit more interesting.  Old school is the way I roll when it comes to Walt Disney World famous selfie spots.  

Gasp!?! A Selfie Here On The Blog? Only For A Jungle Cruise Shirt

What is this, the blog of a tween who has a ridiculous Instagram name and uses 12 emoji's per post?   Nope, just that of a upper-thirty year old suburban Dad who's wife gave him a limited edition Disneyland Jungle Cruise t-shirt.   First selfie taken and posted anywhere.  Let's not get too used to it, mmmmkay ?