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Napolean Follow-up

Whitney Matheson wonders if serious films will kill Jack Black Will Jack Black's starring, semi-serious stint in King Kong change the comedian forever? Not to worry: This photo from Nacho Libre, director Jared Hess' follow-up to Napoleon Dynamite, shows Black looking ridiculous again, dressed in lace and covered in doves. (Sounds like a Prince video, doesn't it?) In the movie, he plays a wannabe Mexican wrestler. Black is also set to star in the oft-delayed Tenacious D movie, now set for a spring release. I'd link to the trailer, but this is a family-friendly blog ... Here's the pic she was talking about...

Too Much Bright Eyes?

I know...I know...Bright Eyes is all over the place today....I'm not totally digging it yet, but this show  helped push me into Connor's camp. It's a webcast from 'All things Considered'. Give him a might like him. Besides...he's Winona Ryder's latest indie-rocker boyfriend . (Hat Tip, Whitney Mateson via my sister Vic)