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I Get Pitches: Eldercare and Senior Living Audience

I've been publishing here on "Why I Oughta" for more than fifteen years.  And over that time, I've used the blog to reconnect with some childhood/grade school friends, had some of my photos licensed in various ways and have had dozens of journalists, agency folks and some website owners pitch me stories and content opportunities.   I have a 'contact' page that has a form on it that people can fill out and drop me a line.   Some of them are interesting (gardening stuff) while others are total SEO-honeypot plays.  Like...'can I publish an article about topic X' for your readers.   If you haven't figured out by now, this is *my* place online and I don't do guest authors/submissions.  And, I don't run any ads or affiliate links or monetize the blog in any way.   But, that hasn't stopped the pitches from coming.  And, somehow, I've ended up on a LIST that people who are shilling eldercare/senior living topics want to pi

Links and Photos - Over By Dere

As if you didn't get enough of my drivel on a daily basis, right?  But...for *some* of you, there's a new place to keep up with things that I read and places I go and photos I take online.  It is my newish link/photo home on the web.   You can find it here . It is called "Over by dere".  Which, if you speak Chicagoese , you know roughly translates to : Over by dere. i.e. "over by there," a prolix way of emphasizing a site presumed familiar to the listener. As in, "I got the sassage at da Jewels down on Kedzie, over by dere.' For now, it is a home to things that I come across on the web that are somewhere in between re-Tweets and blog posts here on the blog. I haven't totally figured out what will be up there and how often, but there's enough that I've put up there that I figured it was time to share.  Besides...part of the reason for it is me thinking about vanity SEO and having this post up with inbound links to Over By Dere by