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Chicago Tribune is the Same Size as the Chicago Sun-Times

I heard a while back that the Sun-Times had contracted with the Chicago Tribune company to print their daily paper, but I didn't put the pieces together until earlier this week when Phil Rosenthal was on the Steve Dahl Podcast and pointed out that the two papers - when laid on top of each other - are identical in size.  Just printed in a different direction, but the exact same size paper.

Chicago Tribune Blackhawks Doodle

Right now on the Tribune's homepage , they've gussied up their logo with this Chicago Blackhawks Doodle.  It is the first time I have spotted them doing something like this.  Seems familiar... somehow . They did a pretty cute job with it - they should do it regularly based on news events around town.  Maybe a   "Please Come, LeBron" doodle?

Matching Headlines in Tribune and Sun-Times

I know that costs are cut being across newsrooms, but I had no idea that both the Tribune and the Sun-Times are now employing the same headline writers!  These were Tuesday's papers right after I picked them up off of our driveway (yes!  We are dinosaurs that subscribe to the print editions!).  Both had (at least a day old news) pieces on health care with matching headlines.  I don't think I've seen this before. think it is just a coincidence?