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Out With The Old Magic Bands

And in with the new?  Well...maybe?  Who knows at this point.  And,  just like I posted in March , these bands are going to go in the circular file as I don't quite understand any reason what-so-ever to keep them around?   But same thing holds true - just like in March:  We're still not talking about any new ones. The band above features Mary Poppins and Bert (or a reasonable, yet legally-conforming to a generic-enough-version-of-the-characters-so-the-creator-doesn't-get-sued) that I wore on my band on a trip earlier this fall.  I really liked this one and just like the other ones, this too came from . A peek through the archives show that I wore a Chewbacca one back l ast year.  I had a monorail one in the Spring of this year .    And there are more magicband posts on the tag page from over the years here .