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Big Ten in Chicago - 2019

The Big Ten Conference put up this B1G outside of the Daley Center during the Big Ten Hoops Tournament earlier this month.  Like seeing this way more than having it at the Garden.

1967 Purdue Rose Bowl Memorabilia

Yesterday, I posted a few vintage Purdue and Notre Dame football covers from the 1960's , and today comes another photo from the very same estate sale.  This stuff is just pretty amazing to me.  It is all associated with the 1967 Rose Bowl game that Purdue played against USC.  There's two different kind of bumper stickers.  The "Pasadena-a-do-do" ones are pretty rad if you ask me.  Then there's the various/different Rose Bowl pins.  And...that thing on the right says "Purdue University Rose Bowl 1966-7". It is from Conlin-Dodds Travel Service in the Memorial Union Building in West Lafayette, Indiana.  Says it is the 'Official Student Tour'. I didn't get my hands on it (it was kind of in this display case), so no idea what was in there, but guessing it was a full set of docs that included things like bus tickets, game tickets, hotel arrangements, etc. I didn't buy this stuff, but I'm sure hoping *someone* did.  This deserves a

Vintage Purdue Football Programs

In the same pile as the Student Power Magazine that I posted yesterday, there were also a bunch of football programs all from Purdue University.  Above is one against Notre Dame that features Neil Armstrong - a Purdue Alum.  This estate was chock'ed full of Purdue sports stuff. Below, is another Purdue vs. Notre Dame program from September 30, 1967 that features the returning 1966 National Champion Fighting Irish with South Bend being highlighted in the 'middle' of the 'D' and West Lafayette in the 'middle' of the 'P'.  Cute.  As you can see scrawled by hand is what appears to be the score:  Purdue 28.  ND 21. Also were a few other interesting ones:  This one directly below is from the 1967 Rose Bowl Game featuring Purdue vs. USC. And this was the only one featuring the Illini.  That's Bob Griese, too!  Which is pretty neat.  This Illini vs. Purdue program is the earliest from October 29, 1966. With us being in total disarray hous

Estate Sale Find: Student Power Magazine From 1967

Amongst a bunch of other Big Ten-related memorabilia (more on those later), I came across this Student Power magazine form November of 1967.  You can see the cover photo is of a protest and this is a "FREE Magazine for Students in the Big Ten Universities Exclusively".  This was in a pile of football programs from Purdue University. If you open the front cover, you find this interesting box full of enrollment data.  Look at Northwestern.  They dropped 3K students from 1966 to 1967?  That seems crazy. Alas, I didn't come home with this artifact, but I'm hoping that someone else picked it up and it didn't end up in the dumpster.

Big Ten Icons - Kendall Gill, Joe Girardi and Glenn Robinson Bobbleheads

(Disclosure:  I'm a member of the Big Ten Fan Council and didn't have to pay for my ticket to the luncheon and other events.) A few weeks ago, I was able to attend the Big Ten Football Kickoff Luncheon.  A full post will show up about the day shortly.  While I was there, I grabbed a few photo-ops with the life-sized bobbleheads that are promoting the new show called Big Ten Icons .  The show doesn't air until September 18, but they're only airing on the Big Ten Network Icons #20-#1.  Starting next week, they'll begin put up #50-#21 on the web.  Illinois is well represented (based on the bobbleheads) by Kendall Gill in hoops and Red Grange in football.  If the Galloping Ghost isn't #1, the system is fixed.   Here's me with the guys from both of my schools - Kendall Gill from Illinois and Joe Girardi from NU.   I'm pretty sure this is Glen Robinson - the Big Dog!  I was over by the Purdue folks and he was standing around.  I sidled up and posed.   Ever