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University of Illinois Mt. Rushmore - March 2022

This week, ESPN posted a pre-tour-na-ment piece that detailed the fight song, colors, mascot and 'notable alumni' of all 64 teams that made it into March Madness this year.  My Fighting Illini were included in the piece and what ESPN listed there kicked off a text conversation that I had with Equation Boy/Man about the University of Illinois Mount Rushmore and who would be on it.   Here's what ESPN included: Four members of the author's "Notable Alumni" list.  Now, before we talk about the folks here - and not here, let me briefly show you what the list looks like for Yale University .  This is what I'd call the 'royal treatment'. Long list, right?  And, even a link to an even LONGER list on Wikipedia.  Wonder why Yale was given this treatment?  I'm sure...part of it is - of course - the fact that they HAVE a good list.  But, there's more, of course. Where is ESPN located?  That's right.  The World Wide Leader is, indeed based on Conn

No Better Feeling Than When The ESPN Homepage Looks Like This

The Bulls/DRose stuff is great.  But...the Illini hoops squad making the homepage with a win? Makes this Friday morning all that much better.