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Turf Type Identification - Is This Poa?

I have some light-green colored (new) patches of grass in our backyard right now.  When I pull up a section of it, this is what it looks like below:  There is A LOT of root-structure at play, isn't there?  Is this a weed - like the dreaded Poa Annua?  Or...could this be Kentucky Blue Grass that I germinated and planted last year?  The color...of the patch (lime-ish green) has me worried that it is Poa. Any grass experts out there that can confirm what I'm dealing with here?  And, what I should do? One thought I had was to try an application of Tenacity?  It doesn't harm KBG and turf-type Tall Fescue .  So, it if does *anything* on this grass, that tells me it is Poa? 

We have Nimblewill In Our Lawn - August 2022

I had a little lawn care breakthrough this past week.  Turns out....I don't have Poa in our lawn.  We have a bent grass called Nimblewill .  Since last Fall, I've talked about how I needed a plan to deal with what I thought was Poa Annua in our backyard .  I s ketched out the notion of a full back renovation and even included the idea in my 2022 to-do list.    But, as I was thinking about the timing of killing that (presumed Poa), I started to dig a little deeper on the Web.  I pulled a blade of my invasive grass and compared it to what I found on the Web.  It wasn't looking like Poa.  Then...I found this page from Purdue's Turf Science Department that talks about Nimblewill .   Purdue describes Nimblewill thusly : Nimblewill (Muhlenbergia schreberi) is a warm-season perennial grass found throughout the northeast, southeast, and Midwestern United States.   ...It grows well in moist, shady areas but it is also found in dry, sunny areas. Nimblewill spreads vegetatively t

Using Crabgrass Preventer - Without Food (Year 2)

Nat added this bag that you see at the top of this post to one of her recent orders from Amazon.  It is a bag of Scott's Crabgrass and Grassy Weed Preventer under the "Halts" product name.  It does NOT have lawn food in it - which is fairly uncommon in most crabgrass preventers. You can find this stuff here at Amazon (this is NOT an affiliate link.  I don't do that...) for $16.99. I used this same product last year - and sought it out because of the fact that it doesn't have lawn food in the mix.  Last year, I held off on feeding my lawn until Memorial Day and I'm thinking that I'm going to do the same. I laid out my full 2020 lawn care plan here in this post from February .  In that post , you'll note that I'm calling for an application of this pre-emergent in "April" versus "mid-April".  And that's because that I'm going to turn to - once again - Michigan State University and their "Growing Degree Days&q