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Starry Night Under the Oaks In Wisconsin - January 2020

Thanks to the fine folks who are tuning the Night Sight feature on Google's Pixel devices , I was able to capture this night sky reigning high above this mighty Wisconsin Oak Tree.  You can see some of the stars brightly lit up behind the large and wandering limbs of this old Oak Tree.  I'm certain that I could have gotten an even better photo, but it was cold at night, and I was wearing my house shoes.  So, that meant that I had to get to the edge of the porch and just *aim high*. 

Wireless Charging Via The Google Pixel Stand

This arrived in the mail to help me turn my phone into a little stand-up display and push me into the future with wireless charging.  But the biggest issue I've come across with being a *real* wireless charging user?  Driving.  Yeah.  Driving. That's because we have those little car dashboard vent magnetic mounts that require you to slide a little metal plate under your case.  Then you just kind of 'pop' your phone on the mount and it keeps it out our your hands and allows you to use turn-by-turn directions without fumbling around with your phone. The issue?  If I put the metal plate in the middle of the back of the phone, the wireless charging via the Google Pixel Stand here doesn't work.  If I take the plate out, then I don't get to pop my phone on the dash while we drive.  A few weeks in, it seems that I'm choosing the convenience of the magnetic plate over the wireless charging on the stand. Anybody solve this dilemma?