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Cellar Door Acadian Driftwood Soap From Michigan

Nat and the girls brought me back some vegan soap from their adventures in Michigan and this bar hits a soft spot in my heart. is a bar.  Have we talked about how I like/prefer bar soap?  I've been converted to the 'body wash' stuff by the body wash industrial complex - complete with the whole loofa things.    But I've always preferred bar soap in the shower.   And, Nat knows how to pick 'em.  A cadian Driftwood ?  One of my favorite songs from the band that was belted out by all the Canadians at The Last Waltz?  Don't mind if I do! Just check out this description and tell me you don't want to take a 'nude soapy' with this bar.  ( that 'nude soapy' reference is for those of you - who like me - spent your summers at Valley View Pool in Frankfort and snickered every time you saw the sign in the locker room that commanded you to take a 'nude soapy shower' before entering the pool... )