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Our Chicago Marathon Signs - Supporting Our Marathon Momma 2018

My pretty, pretty, pretty amazing partner in life Natalie redefined her limits once again this past weekend by completing the Chicago Marathon.  The Chicago Marathon is pretty neat as a participant as you get to not only see quite a few neighborhoods, but you also get encouraged by the spectators across all 26.2 miles of the course.  Well...I think that because they're now limiting access to the finish line, it's more like you get encouraged by spectators for like 25 miles, then you just have to gut out the last 1.2 miles or so - which is easy when the finish line is in sight.  I've gone to watch the Marathon other years including when my sister Vic has run it by herself, but that time - if I recall correctly - I didn't run around but just sat in one spot and saw her from there.  With the advent of the Chicago Marathon mobile app and the ability to track runners by both split times AND an approximation with the map, it is pretty easy to find and connect with the ru