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Vander Mill Red Hard Apple Cider

This feels like some sort of cider achievement that I've unlocked.   Back in March, I had some blue Vander Mill Cider and posted a photo here on the blog .  And today, I'm sharing the red version which is just simply called Hard Apple .

Swizly Cider

Seems to be the week of 'international ciders', eh?   After the Canadian Danish cider earlier this week , here's a look at a Swiss cider called Swizly that I had with Nat, my sister and Equation Boy/Man earlier this summer at one of their favorite restaurants in Schaffhausen.  Same as the Somersby one .  Didn't love it.  But, it was a lovely evening dining outdoors on one of our last nights there. Oddly enough, if you go to the Swizly website , they're advertising the stuff by showing off a pair of underpants and a tramp stamp?  Seriously?  Kind of a weird way to market the stuff, no?