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Turkey Wraps for Everybody!

I went to lunch today over at the Bolingbrook Golf Club. That place is amazing. It is the nicest clubhouse I have ever seen for a municipal course. That is where Leader Cross is having his golf outing this year on July 20th. If you want to attend it, drop a line to Natalie at and she will get you the pertinent information. Last year's outing was a great time. There ususally are a bunch of contests and some nice giveaways. With the weather starting to turn, what better time than now to start to think about this event. I would recommend the turkey wrap. That's what I had--hold the mayo.... My name is Christopher Rhodes and I approved this message!

Hum Drum Wednesday...

Today HRO is having a fundraising seminar down in Springfield. All the members were encouraged to attend. If I was a candidate/incumbant, I would do my best to have a bunch of dough in the bank to fight off anyone even remotely sniffing around challenging me.... Onto the days affairs... Leader Cross and the House Republicans are in session today. On the campaign front, we are beginning to embark on an aggressive drive to register new voters in our District. The community grows at such a fast rate, it is important to get the people registered and knowledgeable about the issues and the process. If you want to register, please call us at (815)609-0099 or Click Here (Linky) to find out more... My name is Christopher Rhodes and I approved this message...

My name is...

Tuesday is a session day. Back in Springfield for the Legislators. Ever been in Springfield on a non-session day? Not so cool. A couple of years back, my buddy Todd took me and a couple of rawhides to Quincy to see the President. On the way back, we stopped at a place called Norb Andy's. (Linky) Anyway, they have something called a Horseshoe. I not a huge fan of it, but I could see some 'big' dudes just loving this. Most of the 'big' guys and gals in Springfield have a full plate today. There is a lot of bills on their second reading. (Linky) Today is the announcement of the capital budget by the Guv. According the Rich Miller, it should 'mend some fences' P.R.-wise.....

Med Mal in Illinois in 2004

Ever wonder what it would be like to have a huge medical crisis and not be able to get the necessary treatment? Well guess what? If you are in Will County and you are involved in a huge car accident and you need immediate treatment from a're outta luck. Seriously. You would have to travel out of the county to get some treatment. This is a bid deal and getting bigger. Leader Tom Cross and the House Republicans announced their Med Mal Reform Package yesterday. The Joliet Herald took notice... >>>Here's the Herald Article (Linky)>>> The Doc's in Will County are putting up billboards to tell people about this crisis... (Linky)


GOTV. Up until about 2 years ago, I would have thought it was something to do with television. For those of you how are regular readers, you know that GOTV means 'get out the vote'. This is one of the most important aspects of any campaign. Campaign staffs work for months to identify their 'pluses'--those voters who are going to vote for their candidate. Now, in the last 24+ hours, the staffs have to work doubly hard to turn those people out and do everything they can to make the 'minuses'--those who are going to vote for your opponent--stay home. I've seen rain dances and prayers for rain. I've seen prayers for sunshine and coordinated busing to polling places. The bottom line is this. We need to do everything we can to turn Illinois Bush Red. If that happens, we will have a huge shot at picking up a couple seats in the State House and keeping Peter Fitzgerald's seat in Republican Hands. Bottom line, is to get out and vote. Who knows, maybe I&

Sunday, Sunday... Parade in Plainfield

Parade today in Plainfield. We will be on Lockport Street with the Giant Elephant. Wave hello as we pass by. Later in the day we will be heading in all different directions. Palatine, Morris, DeKalb and others.

Road Warrior

On the road again. I'm up in DeKalb. Leader Cross is heading to Palatine and DeKalb today. Later tonight he's going to Grundy County to rile the troops up down there. Three primary battles. 3 winners. It all comes down to Tuesday. As for the Road Warrior part, Leader Cross was in Champaign, Danville, Vernon Hills, Dekalb, Palatine, Sandwich, Morris, Oak Brook, and of course 'Taco Tuesday's'. That's a pretty good week of travel.

3 Reasons...

Did you check out the Homepage? (linky) Join Cross has started a new campaign called "3 Reasons". It is $3 Reasons why you should give at least $3. Imagine 10,000 of you give $3 means that we can be on the air all summer long in Morris, where we can win a seat. Or we can drop 3 more pieces of mail in Effingham. This is a big deal. It is even a bigger deal that all you have to do is click on this site and give. (linky) With the added feature of being able to contribute online, we can collect the resources needed to beat the Chicago Machine. Speaker Madigan is going to have all the advantages. Look at the numbers, look at the map. The House Republicans have not won a seat since 1994. Call it ineffective leadership, call it lack of resouces, call it whatever you want. All I know is that we (the Republican Party) have a shot at picking up one of two seats and closing the gap between the Speakership and us. If you haven't already given, please do so. The resources you

Waterboy or Signal?

DuPage today. The Leader is heading into the city to work with some groups, meet with others, and then head out to the "most republican county" in the country, DuPage County Illinois--Home of the 'Schillerstrom Report'--which I recieved yesterday in the mail. I was not all that impressed with 'issue 2'. I like the first one, but this one was not as attention grabbing, and as all you regular readers know, I dig that sort of stuff. I tell you what Bob, it is going to get really old reading about you every 2 months....Try to mix it up and tell us about the party, spotlight some other party members, do something else besides toot your own horn. (that's just my 2 cents) Anyway, back to DuPage. Tonight at Oak Brook Hills, the Central Committee is having their Lincoln Day Dinner. The guest of honor is RNC Chair Ed Gillespie. (linky) I am sure that he is going to give a nice speech about President Bush and the evils of John Kerry. I am not sure what message t

What's Happening today...

Leader Cross is heading up to Palatine to walk door-to-door with Representatie Suzie Bassi. We will head up there later this morning. I knocked on doors up there this past weekend, and the response was generally positive. Most people don't even want to get bothered by having to go answer their doors--in fact, I am always startled by hearing the door bell ring. It just doesn't happen that often anymore--but it still is an effective means of getting our message out. We live in the day where people open their garage doors in the morning, back out, and go to work, then come home, open their garage doors, and pull in. They don't talk to their neighbors. They don't talk over the backyard fence about issues and their community. It's too bad. I may be a bit of a starry-eyed optimist, but I wish people would. I know, I say that you know people who are like that. They talk. I am sure that they do, but we need more. We need more people who care about their commun

Check out our Offices

Ever in Downtown Plainfield? Stop on by at our Campaign Offices. We have expanded recently and now incorporate both Citizens to Elect Tom Cross and the House Republican Organization under one 'roof'. We are right on Lockport Street (Route 30) at the corner of Des Plaines Street in Downtown Plainfield. If you are in the Plainfield Area, stop on by or call to volunteer. We always have stuff to do.... Citizens to Elect Tom Cross 530 West Lockport Street 2nd Floor Plainfield, IL 60544 815.609.0099 Phone 815.577.1401 Fax

Thursday: What's happening today...

Today we are gearing up for the Primary Day. Yesterday was a good day as Represenative Bob Pritchard and Representative Suzzi Bassi were both endorsed by the Chicago Tribune. (linky) This is good news for both these campaigns. Suzzi has a strong record of running as an independant voice in the House. Leader Cross spoke at a Suzzi Bassi event last year that I was attending and he spoke of her courage. She had the courage to stand up to the undaunting task of discussing the prospect of having a new Leader in the Republican Caucus. Bob has only been down in Springfield for a few months, but he is working fast and hard. As evidenced by his press, Bob is making some wise choices and is working to help his constiuents. ********************************** Today we are putting together some yard signs and getting them out. This will help Leader Cross establish a presence in his ever-growing district that is Plainfield. We are working on securing locations. If you want one, it doesn&#