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Disney Stuff (And A New Page)

There's been quite a bit of Disney chatter here on "Why I Oughta" including yesterday's post about the Reddit gift exchange. So much so, that it was about time to organize all the Disney posts into their own sub-page. You can now find that on the navigation at the top as well as by clicking here.     One thing that jumps out is the sheer velocity that my Disney fandom has taken on.  One post on Disney in 2012.  One in 2013.  Two last year.  And...this year?  More than 20.  And it isn't even June yet!   That photo above is one that Nat took at this year's Flower and Garden Show in Epcot.  We were able to get in before the place opened because we had an 8 am breakfast reservation at Akershaus.  The place was empty and more beautiful that it has ever been.