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Carthay Circle Lounge - Walt Disney Family Museum Displays (Donald Duck)

On our recent trip to Disney California Adventure at the Disneyland Resort, we had a dinner at the Carthay Circle Lounge.  NOT at the restaurant, but downstairs in the lounge that doesn't require reservations.  We waited in a short line, then were lead into the outer lounge space - that doubles as kind of the lobby - for the upstairs restaurant.  We were *just* outside of the formal lounge, but had nice plush chairs and a little table.  Nat had a cocktail, I had a beer flight and we ate a bunch of the small plates. But, none of that was the star.  Nope.  That's because right beside our table was a display case that had all these Donald Duck products in it.  And if you look closely, the consumer products are all in almost perfect mint condition.  There's Cheese Quackers from Nabisco that has a nice Donald Duck-tie-in.  But then there's just a bunch of random products that they appear to have slapped the Donald Duck name/brand on.  I mean...Tomato Juice?  Grapefrui

Walt Disney Comics #188 - Featuring Donald Duck And His Nephews

At some point earlier this year, I picked up this copy of #188 Walt Disney's Comics and stories book at an antique mall up in Wisconsin.  This one is from May of 1956 and is in good condition, but we're not retiring on this thing!  I paid just $1 for the book and it will go into the archives here at the homestead.   This is the third 'vintage Disney' item that we own with a few others that I've posted about here on the blog that 'got away'. The first are these Matchbox cars from the 70's/80's that were mine when I was a kid . Then there was this vintage Pooh Bear Golden book from a garage sale .   A prized possession:  this election-themed Pooh Bear glass from Sears .   Then this Summer, I shared this Mickey the Mouse back scratcher .   And finally, I found this vintage Disneyland pennant at an estate sale .  

Donald Duck Family Tree

Via Twitter - shared by @BillCorbett here . I took a screenshot of this Donald Duck Family Tree poster from Bill Corbett on Twitter - tweet embedded below.  I posted the full image above so you can see it here natively on the blog.  But know...that image is not mine.  It is *from* this tweet below.  I could study this like it was the Magna Carta and look at every detail for hours.  And I intend to, but...for now:  A few things that are awesome - besides the one Bill points out below: They've obscured Donald's Brother-in-Law, the father of Huey, Duey and Louie.  Who is their Dad?  We might never know .   The Duck family intermarried with coots.  I didn't know what a coot was ! I always thought family trees went downwards.  This one goes up.  But, maybe that makes sense in that the elders are the 'roots' of the family?   There's loads more things to notice and the commenters on Bill's Tweet do a good job . Someone posted this Donald Duck fami

Wilderness Lodge Christmas Wreath Pin 2016

The fourth and final one of these Happy Holidays wreath pins from Disney resorts is this one from the Wilderness Lodge with Donald the Duck in his winter finest. All of them are on these cute 'front door' cards, which I guess I just noticed after looking at all of them once again.  Turns out, if you go to this post and scroll all the way down to the bottom, the folks at Disney have released a total of 23 versions of this pin for different resorts at both WDW but also at DLR.  Looks like the Poly got Stitch in their's. The four we came across is enough for our pin board! Here's the AKL version . Here's the Fort Wilderness version . Here's the Boardwalk Inn version .

Vintage Disney Matchbox Cars

My mom has begun cleaning out her attic and has started to deliver a lot of my personal effects to our house over the past few weeks.  The timing is great because we're having a garage (really...a "yard") sale next week.  At the bottom of one of the boxes that contained a bunch of childhood items were these three vintage Matchbox Disney cars.  Guess who I didn't really love?  Looking at you, Minnie.  Compare the paint job on Jiminy Cricket - and how banged up he is - compared to the relatively untouched Minnie.  Also, see that "TJ" on the front hood of Jiminy's Rolls Royce?  That's what I was called for a few years when I was a little one.  I actually don't remember that period, but I'm reminded every once in a while when one of my Aunt's calls me that at a family gathering. Don't worry.  These cars aren't going in the garage sale.  The Babe had asked recently for some 'cars' - after playing with them at her friend Mic