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New Garden Pruning Snips - Garden Tool Christmas Haul - January 2024

I've posted a couple of things in my annual [Christmas Haul] series already - both of which were faux bois.  A small faux bois plant stand .  And a faux bois cache pot.    But, I also upgraded my garden tools via a Christmas gift of these small hand pruning snips.  They are light-weight, have a safety lock and finger grip.  And come with a small, leather holster.  These snips fit in my tool set below my secateurs/pruners and are something that I've been looking to use when it comes to arranging flowers.  The pruners that I use are too much to remove thorns from roses or snipping off flower stems from delicate perennials.   I like the sheath/holster as it helps me keep from LOSING them. If I set them down, there's more visually - to see with the holster.  I've kept my Niwaki pruners in their holster and that's been helpful in me keeping tabs on them.