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American Soda Water - In Singapore

I guess this is part of the continuing series of posts chronicling the various soda cans I came across over my visits to JAPAC.  This one - Monarch American Soda Water - was from the hotel lounge in the hotel I was staying at in Singapore.  Previous ones were J-Cola from Japan .  And just recently, three Coke Zero cans from Tokyo and Singapore .  You can see that this one reads: "Original from USA".   Kind of interesting that they're marketing the USA-aspect of the stuff and not, say, France, where "Big Sparkling" (you know.....La Croix, Perrier seem to be from). And, just for the record, I think I coined the term "Big Sparkling" right now.  I think we can lump  Topo Chico, Bubly (owned by Pepsi), and perhaps Schweppes along with La Croix and Perrier into "Big Sparkling", right?  Spindrift - for now - can still cling to it's independent roots. I'm good with Big Sparkling.  Drink the stuff as often as I can.