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Port Orleans Riverside Resort Pin

I've posted a few times about Port Orleans Riverside down at Walt Disney World over the past few months.  First, I shared the sawn balusters on the luggage cart , then talked about the amazing Live Oak they built the resort around and then just this week, showed off the animated headboards in the Princess rooms .  All awesome. Above is the pin that we picked up from our stay there.  As we've done in the past, we always try to get the pin from our resort to mark the trip.  Here's one from the Wilderness Lodge , Animal Kingdom Lodge , and the Polynesian .  The girls pins have been accumulating in a zip lock bag because we've outgrown the one pin board we have and we're waiting for the new place to think about unpacking them even more. Oh, and by the way, that photo up top?  It was taken with the Google Photoscan app .  It is awesome.  I tried to take the same photo with my camera of the pin and it turned out all glare-y.  Photoscan gets rid of it.  

Animated Headboards At Port Orleans Riverside

Just about one year ago today (February 12th of 2016), I posted about the really neat animated headboards at the Disneyland Hotel .  I've long thought that the little details like those headboards made spending the few extra dollars to stay at one of Disney's hotels was worth it vs. staying off property. Above you'll see a different headboard.  With different animations.  This time, it is in Orlando at Port Orleans Riverside in one of Princess Tiana's rooms.  We stayed there recently and loved it.   These headboards don't play music like the ones at DLR , but they're just as delightful.  The girls loved the little Princess touches around the room and I loved the price.  So let's call it a win-win, right?

Live Oak Tree At Disney's Port Orleans Riverside

Ever since our first trip down to Charleston, Natalie and I have been beyond fascinated by the Live Oak species of trees.  We doubled down on Live Oaks during our visits to Sea Island over the years.  And we've been dreaming of the day when we could plant a Live Oak on our property.  (Alas, it doesn't appear that they'd survive our climate as they are marked for Hardiness Zones 7-10 .  And for sure, we wouldn't get the Spanish Moss on them which add to the dreamy effect !) Everytime we go on a tour or stay at a place that notes their Live Oaks, we perk up and pay attention.  And Disney is no different.  Out at Port Orleans Riverside, you can find a few of them including this one out on Ol' Man Island behind the pool.  There's the sign above that reads: On Earth Day April 22, 1991, this majestic Live Oak was placed in its new home before you.  This Oak and its companion at the entrance of Disney's Port Orleans Resort Riverside each weighed 85 tons an

Hidden Mickey In the Sawn Balusters At Port Orleans Riverside

As part of building our #NewOldFarmhouse out in Downers Grove ( I posted about the sewer and water main installation here on the blog earlier this month ), we're thinking about including a big, deep front porch that provides a lot of appeal from the street and gives us something we loved in our old place at 274 a place to gather and spend time in the mornings. As part of that new porch design, we've been look at something called Sawn Balusters.  Those are the parts that connect the top and bottom of the front railings.  Sawn is different than what they called "turned". Turned balusters are either square or cylindrical and are exactly that:  turned on a lathe or cut from a piece of wood.  Sawn balusters are common from the earlier part of the 20th century and are flat, not turned.  They can be of various thickness.  We've worked with our builder to come up with a custom pattern for them (more on that in a different post), but they can take the form of anythin